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Datanews Monitoring API is the best and easiest way to integrate news monitoring into your solution.

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Monitor news articles gathered from thousands of news sources scattered all over the web.

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We provide client libraries which give full access to the API in several lines of code.

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We gather news from thousands of sources to deliver the perfect monitoring solution.

It's super simple to start using the API, just get the api key, enter keywords to monitor, start receiving results!

Get API key

Pass a 2-click registration and get your free API key.

Create Monitor

Create a Monitor with the keyword phrase you would like to search for. For example: "Starship".

Receive monitoring results

Success! Obtain the monitoring results via the API or get them sent directly to your webhook. Receiving on email is coming soon.

Leverage the power of API in
several lines of code.

We provide client library which gives full access to the API in several lines of code.

Retrieve results from webhook

Provide a link to the webhook and we'll send articles directly to it as soon as we find them.

Retrieve results from code

You can access all monitoring results directly from code, no need for 3rd party services.

Notification example.

Receive recent articles that contain "bitcoin" keyword.

  "id": "c78167637bf043dd92164ab2b82f0858",
  "monitor_id": "3824769232ef4e8daa5e8edaf2fef1eb",
  "query": "bitcoin",
  "run_time": "2020-09-14T10:08:01.452603",
  "last_run_id": "fd670bbbc78b4e72a5a0bd7d77b66a88",
  "last_run_time": "2020-09-14T10:08:01.452603",
  "articles": [
      "url": "https://www.digitalmarketnews.com/bitcoin-long-term-price-analysis-13-september/",
      "source": "digitalmarketnews.com",
      "authors": [],
      "title": "Bitcoin long-term Price Analysis: 13 September - Digital Market News",
      "pubDate": "2020-09-13T13:04:00+00:00",
      "description": "Bitcoin long-term Price Analysis: 13 September  Digital Market News",
      "imageUrl": "https://www.digitalmarketnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Bitcoin-long-term-Price-Analysis-13-September.jpg",
      "language": "en",
      "country": "",
      "content": "Bitcoin’s surges, over lower time frames, are really good for scalps with tight stop-losses. However, doing so can also be equally risky. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was hovering around $10,550, with the world’s largest cryptocurrency eyeing the  ... [+1815 chars]"
Use cases

Cover all your use cases
with one simple API.

Using our API you can cover all of your use cases for news monitoring. Take advantage of our infrastructure with hundreds of thousands of articles per day and every use case in one place. Start free now!

Get API key

Keyword tracking.

Find relevant articles with given keywords.

Data collection.

Collect large amounts of news articles and apply it for analysis and ML models training.

Discover trends.

Find and identify new trends by keeping track of the number of articles about certain topic.

Improve engagement with authors.

Improve your engagement with authors by collecting statistics about articles and topics they write about. Find best authors to write about your stories.

Article scraping.

Retrieve and analyse full article content. (coming soon)

Fair, simple pricing for all.

We have a 14 days free trial with ability to cancel anytime. Get 3 months for free when getting yearly plans!

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Full news index

3k Search API requests

2 requests / second

5 keyword monitors

Attribution required

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Full news index

50k Search API requests

5 requests / second

Article content (enabled on request)

40 keyword monitors

Start with Standard
$ 74.99 /mo

Full news index

150k Search API requests

10 requests / second

Article content (enabled on request)

100 keyword monitors

Premium customer support

Start with Business

Do I have access to article's content?

Full article content is enable on request for paid plans. Please contact us, and we will figure it out.


Do you have a free trial?

Absolutely. We provide 2 weeks of free trial to allow you to test whether the product is the right fit for you.


How to contact you?

You can contact us by sending an email to support@datanews.io. We will promptly respond to you as soon as possible.


Could I add the sources I want?

Yes, contact us and we will add the sites you're particularly interested in.

Integrate news monitoring in minutes.

Datanews is the best and easiest way to integrate news monitoring into your solution.