You can search over whole news index using endpoint.

curl -XGET '' 
  "status": 200,
  "numResults": 70,
  "hits": [
      "url": "",
      "source": "",
      "authors": [
        "Anthony Cuthbertson"
      "title": "How to watch SpaceX launch and Starlink satellite train in the sky",
      "pubDate": "2020-07-07T10:17:20+00:00",
      "country": "us",
      "language": "en",
      "description": "A 'string of bright pearls' will be visible in the skies above the UK this week, weather permitting",
      "imageUrl": "",
      "content": "After several delays, SpaceX is planning to launch the latest batch of its Starlink satellites this week. ..."


The values of passed parameters should be url encoded.

# Parameter Description
1 q Search query, may consist of any number of keywords.
2 from Search news starting from date, including the date itself. Date format: yyyy-mm-dd.
3 to Search news up to date, including the date itself. Date format: yyyy-mm-dd.
4 source Domain name of the source (e.g.
5 topic Topic of the media outlet that published the article, could be general, business, tech, entertainment, sports, science, health. Note, that this may be not the topic of a particular article, as media organizations may publish articles, that have multiple topics.
6 country Publisher's country. See the list of available countries.
7 language Article language. See the list of supported languages.
8 page Zero-based page index, must not be negative.
9 size Page size, could be 10, 25 or 100.
10 sortBy Sort by relevance or by date.
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