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In this article we will cover different approaches that may work as Google News API alternatives, starting with Google News itself, and then moving to a specialized News API provider.

Vladyslav Mokrousov
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Google News overview.

Google News is a news aggregator service developed by Google. It presents an organized article flow from thousands of publishers and magazines. Having an audience of 280 million users, it is one of the most popular news aggregators in the world.

It also provides personal news recommendations based on your past news browsing history. Google News has multi language support and is available in multiple regions across the world.

Use cases for News API.

News information is important for many different use cases from brand monitoring to trend discovery to financial news monitoring. Many companies rely on news monitoring to find new opportunities in the markets, including new clients.

The most popular use cases include:

  • Keyword tracking: finding relevant articles with given keywords.

  • Data collection: collecting large amounts of news articles and applying it for analysis and ML models training.

  • Better engagement with authors: improving engagement with authors by collecting statistics about articles and topics they write about.

  • Financial news monitoring: news have outsized impact on the stock market. One who gets access to recent news first has a big advantage over the competitors.

Having the news data presented in a nice and convenient way will greatly simplify the implementation of solutions for the above problems.

Google News limitations.

For the most basic use cases Google News or Google Alerts may be enough, but both of these services have many limitations that prevent them from being used on a bigger scale.

Unfortunately Google News does not provide a convenient way to retrieve a big amount of relevant data, as it poses a strict limit on the number of articles that could be retrieved per query. Yet another concern is rate limiting restrictions. Google News is primarily focused on human users, not robots, therefore you risk getting your ip banned when trying to make a large amount of queries programmatically.

The search interface is also far from perfect, as it does not allow building complex queries, in contrast to modern full-text search storage solutions, which provide a wide variety of operators for building search queries of almost any complexity.

Datanews API overview.

Datanews API is a simple and efficient JSON-based HTTP REST API, designed and built to solve all of the above problems. It provides convenient programmatic access to tens millions of news articles, including recent and historical data.

Our News API collects news articles in real-time from thousands of newspapers, media outlets, news aggregators and other websites, and then presents them in a convenient JSON representation, which could be consumed right away in any programming language.

Google News and Datanews API side-by-side comparison.

Let’s go over the main features and make a side-by-side comparison with Google News.

  • Maximum number of articles returned per query.

    • Google News has a max limit of 100 articles per query without any possibility to retrieve more. This may be a big limitation if the search keyword is very popular and may contain thousands or even tens of thousands of relevant articles.
    • In contrast, Datanews News API provides access to all of the relevant articles whenever they were published. The API uses pagination for efficient transfer of a large amount of articles through the network.
  • Available news article metadata.

    • Google News provides a limited amount of metadata about each particular article. It usually includes the publication date, description field, title and the original article link.
    • Datanews API returns more additional information about each article, which is directly extracted from webpage: original article link, title, description, publication date, domain of the publication, url of the image on the article page, list of authors, language, country, snippet of the content.

    Above information is much more useful for use cases such as data collection or public relations. Analyzing authors of the articles on the large scale allows PR firms to work more efficiently, as they will have more context about authors and journalists.

  • Rate limiting restrictions.

    • Google News has rate limiting restrictions violating which may result in your IP address being banned.
    • Datanews API has modest rate limiting restrictions, needed to make our system secure and reliable while being able to handle a large amount of requests.
  • Presence of easy programmatic access.

    • Google News has many unofficial implementations of client libraries for accessing it’s content. Although, none of them really goes past limitations mentioned above.
    • As for the Datanews, we have developed special client libraries for several main programming languages to make it super simple to integrate News API into your solution. You can start using and testing the API in just several lines of code. See quickstart page.
  • Pricing.

    • Google News is free, but comes with a set of limitations.
    • Datanews has free version for personal use, and paid versions for bigger production scale use cases.


Choosing between Google News and other News API is really about your use case. If you need something simple just for personal use, then going with Google News or Google Alerts will make perfect sense.

Otherwise, if you plan to build some software system with bigger scale, then going with an existing news API provider like Datanews will make more sense. It will provide you with a reliable and complete news monitoring solution that is ready to be integrated into your product.

Vladyslav Mokrousov

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